Gisèle Boulianne



Born in Saguenay, Quebec, Gisèle Boulianne currently lives near Quebec City and successfully runs her own art gallery in the Old Port of Quebec.

To increase her knowledge and gain insights into new professional pathways, Gisèle completed a bachelor’s degree in visual arts at University Laval in 2006. During the university’s graduation visual arts exhibition, Gisèle, with her degree fresh in hand, was awarded the second audience award. In 1977, she completed a professional degree program in advertising design. She was then awarded First Student Award by the Quebec Association for academic management (AQCS) and offered a graphics designer position with Quebec City’s newspaper, Le Journal.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts education in 1984, Gisèle established a private school that remained open until 2007. In 2005, she received an Honorable Mention from the jury at the Montreal Festival of the Arts (FIMA).

Invited to the Monastir International Festival of Plastic Arts in Tunisia as a guest of honor during the summer of 2008, Gisèle received the First Award for Excellence by the Tunisian governor. In 2009, she was nominated as a permanent jury member. Recently, she has participated at the Salon national des Beaux-Arts at the Louvre in Paris.

As a member of the Quebec professional Visual Arts Group Association (RAAV), Gisèle’s art work can be found among various collections throughout the world such as in Canada and in Europe. Among the many businesses and institutions that collect Gisèle’s art are Portneuf’s Public Health Care Institution (CIUSSS) and School Board, Quebec Transport Commission, Emco Building Products, Aluminerie Alcoa, Toyota, and Norton Rose. Gisele’s art work maintains international status by being available for sale via various art galleries located in Toronto, New York, Puerto Rico, Portland (OR), Monastir (Tunisia), Montreux (Switzerland), Paris, Nice in France, and Dubai in the Emirates.

Gisèle knows how to express the abundance of life that surrounds her by transcending what she feels into vibrant, intimate, and creative art work. Her artistic approach is almost theatrical where an ongoing storyline engages the imagination of the spectators without offering a conclusion, a never-ending story. The overlapping complexity of color, the vigorous line strokes, and the intermixed shapes conjures up the crazy urge to create a dramatic play which she represents as a fuzzy scenery radiating from her environment. Gisèle paints urban life by being fully immersed in her surroundings.

Always keeping abreast of current developments and styles, it is perfectly normal for Gisèle to use photography, collages, and new technologies offering a three-dimensional view. She also uses unconventional materials such as aluminum and LED lighting that when mounted behind cutouts in canvas creates a vibrant composition. The lines, shapes, colors, and textures generate a whirlwind of energy that is striking for the viewer.



1997-2019  Professional membership at RAAV, Quebec Visual Arts Group Association

Galerie d’art – Loft de création Gisèle Boulianne (9342-6773 Quebec inc.)
55 rue du Sault-au-Matelot, Québec Phone : 418-692-2505 et Cell phone : 418-802-2505
Website :   Email :


2006  Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Laval University, Quebec City, QC





Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto: Convention Center Gallery Exhibitions and Art Expos
I travelled to all provinces for personal enrichment and cultural awareness.


Portland, Oregon: Art Exhibition in the Pearl and a residency in painting
New York: Attended the Art Expo for over 10 years
Puerto Rico: Art & Wine International Exhibition at the San Juan Convention Center
Chicago: Exhibition of the latest metal technologies
Louisiana, Texas, California, etc.: Travel for cultural purposes and artistic inspiration


Monaco and Czech Republic: Exhibition
Sweden: Painting residency in Stockholm
Switzerland: Painting residency and exhibition in Montreux
France: Attended exhibitions at the Salles du Carrousel, Festival de Cannes, in Nice, and Châtel-Guyon (1st award). Attended a course in stone sculpture with Endro Cipolini in Estoublon.
Recipient of an award for an international university art contest and exhibition with Michel Labbé and Annie Lalande in Marseille.
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Russia: Travel for research, discovery, and creativity


India: Research on new cultures to enhance artistic growth


Tunisia: Residency and exhibition at the Monastir International Festival of Fine Arts
First Award Recipient and nominated as a member of the jury.





2014-2019   Galerie d’art – Loft de création G. Boulianne 55 rue du Sault-au-Matelot, Quebec



2016   Innovation on metal, McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, USA
2015   En trois dimensions, Metal and lenticular Art Work, Galerie C2, Trois-Rivières (Qc)
2014   Prise 1 – Action, Metal Art Work, Galerie du Grand Théâtre, Québec (Qc)
2007   Cargo, International Poetry Festival, Musée des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières (Qc)
2006   Connexion haute vitesse, Galerie L’espace contemporain, Québec (Qc)



2007-2014  New York, USA      Art Expo, Jacob Javits Convention Center
2006-2014  Toronto, On, CAN      Art Expo, Metro Convention Center
2011  Montreux, Suisse      International Jazz Festival Exhibition, Art Gallery En Beauregard
2010  Monaco, MC     Monaco Art Expo, Convention Center
2010  Saragosse, Aragon, ES     Com2art, Aragon Government Buildings
2010  St Félix de Lodez, FR      Vignerons et Passions (Vinyard Walking Tour)
2009 Monastir, TUN      International Festival of Plastic Arts, Guest of honor
2009 Languedoc Roussillon, FR    Art & Wine Tour
2009  Muskoka, On. CAN       Sailing, Chancery Art Gallery
2009  Muskoka, On, CAN       Déjà vu, Nine artists from nine nationalities, Chancery Art Gallery
2009  Québec, Qc, CAN      Québec et ses environs, University Laval Exhibit-44 Graduates
2009  St Tropez, FR       Aidac, International Contemporary Artists Fair
2009  Béziers, FR      SIAP, International Plastic Arts Fair
2008 Paris, FRA      Salon national des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre
2008  Monastir, TUN     International Festival of Plastic Arts 
2008  Montréal, Qc, CAN      Expo Art, Place Bonaventure
2007  San Juan, PRI, USA      International Art Fair Arwi, Puerto Rico Convention Center
2006-2007  Montréal, Qc, CAN      Montreal International Festival of the Arts, Downtown Area
2006  Portland, Or, USA        Art in the Pearl, Pearl District
2006  Québec, Qc, CAN        Awards and Grants 2006, Visual Arts Gallery, Laval University
2006  Québec, Qc, CAN        En vrac, B.A.V Graduate Exhibit 2006, Laval University
2005  Québec, Qc, CAN       Entends-tu ce que je vois?, Théâtre Petit Champlain Gallery



2009  Monastir, TUN      IGuest of honor and permanent Jury member
2008  Monastir, TUN    1st Award for Excellence, International Festival of Plastic Arts
2006  Québec, Qc, CAN      2nd Audience Award, B.A.V. Graduate Exhibit, Laval University
2005  Montréal, Qc, CAN    Jury Honorable Mention, Montreal Festival of the Arts



2018-2019    Old Port of Quebec Business Association, Administrator



2009-2010 Monastir International Festival of Plastic Arts in Tunisia



Monastir Museum, Tunisia / Quebec Transport Commission / Norton Rose Law Firm / Cain Lamarre Law Firm, Quebec Office / Anglocom Translation / Gesti-Parc Switzerland / Primo Florida / Laffey Real Estate, New York / Imageotech, Laval University, Quebec / Bowater Canadian Forest Products Inc., Canada and the USA / Emco Building Products, Canada and the USA / Aluminerie Alcoa Lauralco / Ste-Foy Toyota / BMW Quebec / Ashton Restaurant / Caisses Desjardins, Quebec / Pavage Portneuf Inc. / Portneuf School Board / Portneuf Public Health Care Institution (CIUSSS



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